Co-designing Biodiversity Assessments

São Paulo School of Advanced Science

27/OCT to 8/NOV


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Venue: city of São Pedro, state of São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo School of Advanced Science

About the School

The central objective of SPSAS Co-designing Biodiversity Assessments is to empower young scientists and environmental technicians to design, obtain, and analyze biodiversity data suitable for supporting effective environmental action programs and policies.

We aim to encompass biodiversity of key taxa in their genetic, phylogenetic, functional, and sociocultural dimensions, developing comprehensive and adaptable assessment procedures that meet real-world demands.

Who is it for?

Young researchers (especially PhD students and postdocs) and technicians (analysts, researchers) from government agencies and NGOs in the environmental field, both from Brazil and other countries.

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SPSAS – Biodiversity is funded by FAPESP, with support from other agencies and institutions. There are no tuition costs, and financial support is avaible to cover travel and expenses for participants without their own funding.

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Given the multinational composition of participants and faculty, all activities will be conducted in English.

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