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Selection process

A total of 60 participants will be selected, 30 from Brazil and 30 from other countries.  Candidates may be doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers, or professionals from environmental agencies or non-governmental organizations.

Selection will take into account geographic and gender representativeness, in order to promote the diversity of the School's participants.

Application Requirements


short curriculum vitae, with academic achievements and/or relevant professional experience, highlighting connections with the School's theme


letter of motivation, explaining reasons for applying to the School and how participation will benefit their future training and work


Sufficient fluency to communicate in English, declared on the application form by candidates

Apply by March 11, 2024

3:00 PM UTC-3


* Incomplete applications will be excluded.

*Please submit your application as soon as possible to ensure documents are organized for review and selection.

*Foreign candidates need to find out well in advance about how to obtain a visa to participate in the course.

* SPSAS-BIODIV will contact you to confirm receipt of the documents.

* Additional information and copies of documents will only be requested from selected candidates.

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